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English to Russian

“Never trust the translation or interpretation of something without first trusting its interpreter.”

Suzy Kassem
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Привет, nice to meet you!

My name is Elena Alieva and I’m a professional Russian translator with 7-year experience specializing in corporate finance, business and legal translation. I translate your contracts, reports, and other documents from English into Russian.

Thanks to my experience and expertise, you will never have to worry about the quality of Russian versions of your documents.

What my clients say

“We have outsourced Elena many a time. She always keeps the deadlines and produces quality translations.”

– Anna Kanunnikova, Berg Translation Agency

“Elena did a few projects for me, and I found her reliable, professional and attentive. Her translations are accurate and delivered on time. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

– Yuriy Markin, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

“We have been working with Elena for over 2 years now, enjoying the high quality of her translations. Her attention to detail helped us catch errors on several occasions. I highly recommend working with her.”

– Dmitriy Reev, Jan De Nul N.V.

Want to work with me?

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free quote on your project or if you have any questions regarding your project, my services, or life in general.