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Are you looking for an English-Russian translator for your business documents?

I can help you! I’m a qualified and experienced English to Russian translator, Russian native speaker proficient in English. Here’s a little more info about my background.

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My name is Elena. I provide people and companies with professional translations from English into Russian. My fields of expertise are corporate finance, business, law (contracts, tax), and economics.

I studied Economics and Municipal Company Management at the Russian State University for the Humanities and started working as a financial accountant in 2005, when I was a 3rd year student. It seemed logical to pursue a career that was in line with my field of studies. And the job was really interesting at first, but I got bored with numbers and Excel data sheets pretty soon and decided to become a translator. Because I thought it was awesome (and I was right).

So I spent all 2009 and half of 2010 dusting my English skills, learning the translation theory, and pestering my sister Kate (who’s a translator too) for advice. My efforts were not in vain, and in August 2010, I started to work as a translator at a Moscow translation agency. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, to see how the business works from the inside, to develop my professional skills under the supervision of a skilled editor. The 4 years spent at the agency were really educational.

I decided to go freelance in 2014. Since then, I’ve translated some 1,200,000 words of contracts, financial statements, business valuation reports, charters, policies, and other documents that are vital and necessary for any business.

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